Monday, September 26, 2011

'Twilight' Did You Knows

I hope you are excited, only 53 days until Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere night!! Here are a few "Did You Knows" about our favorite author, Stephenie Meyer!

Did you know....

1. When Stephenie Meyer first started writing the book Twilight, she didn't have names for "Edward" and "Bella" yet. She just called them "he" and "she."

2. Like our favorite main character, Bella, Stephenie Meyer grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.

3. Stephenie Meyer, to this day, still remembers the exact day she had the dream that inspired the books we all love: June 2, 2003!

4. The first chapter Stephenie Meyer wrote was Chapter 13, based on her dream.


  1. These are neat facts is there any more.

  2. For more facts, be sure to check back next Monday!