Friday, September 2, 2011

Forget Pocket Change...Rob Gives Guitars To The Needy

Just when you thought he couldn't be anymore perfect...Rob decides to support a local sidewalk musician with a brand new guitar. According to news reports all over, Rob was out and about in LA when he spotted a man playing music for pocket change. I believe the British call this a busker? Rob slipped some money in his tin and then headed for the nearest music shop.

He reappeared with an acoustic guitar for the man and of course an electric one for himself. But even better, he didn't stand around to be applauded for his gallant efforts, he simply got into a vehicle and drove off. I couldn't imagine how amazing that man must have felt.

This brings me back to my most favorite part of Rob. He is one of the biggest stars today and yet he remains one of the most humble people on the planet. He acts the same today as he did when he was starving looking for work. His appreciation for music and life simply fill my heart. Just LOVE him!

{via MarieClaire}

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