Saturday, September 3, 2011

Get Robert's Costume!

"Water For Elephants UK Facebook page is auctioning the costume Robert Pattinson wore in Water For Elephants with all proceeds going to UNICEF, Save The Children, Actionaid and World Child Cancer. The auction ends September 13th! I believe it’s for UK residents only." (sad day for USA fans)
"Go to Water For Elephants UK FB page and ‘like’ them and bid on the item there or you can bid on it at EbayUK."


  1. Robert's costume? That's sound an interesting idea.
    I think I will give it a try.

    BTW: since I love both vampires and costumes, I thought to match the two things and to dress as a vampire.
    In fact I heard of a competition related to a comic book and a movie called Vampire Wedding. People are joining their Facebook page at to post their photos; the best ones will be featured as vampires in the comic book and in the movie.
    It seems you can also apply via an iPhone app.

    So I’m preparing myself for this great competition and I will soon post the photos.

    I hope to get my chance to pass for a real vampire.

  2. That sounds great! we look forward to seeing the pictures

  3. It's a Halloween season, vampire costumes are the most welcomed time of year.