Monday, September 5, 2011

Rob & Kristen in Premiere Magazine

Hi RobStew fans, great news! The perfect couple was featured in France's Premiere Magazine while filming Breaking Dawn. Get all the inside scoop in the Google translation of the interview below. Enjoy!

"The actor said backstage at the fourth installment of the saga, which promises to be as crazy as his shooting. An extreme experience that seems to have transformed the star."

We still had two whole months to turn in the same room in front of a huge green.“While the first part of Revelation comes in just over two months, Robert Pattinson comes in a long interview with Premiere magazine, in episode 4 of the saga Twilight. What could be a turning atypical (the green background, so the wedding night in Brazil, angry fans …) also proved to be an extreme experience. For Twilight 4 took a serious turn and does not hesitate to flirt with sex and gore. You read. What many teens are taking to the trifles would become “a bizarre tragedy sometimes ventures into the horror” says Pattinson as to Premiere before warning “the audience will get their money! “.

In this long interview, he admits being surprised every day direction things were taking on a shoot that has still lasted eight months. But for a result that is worth it.“No film of this magnitude never dares make that kind of risk,” says the actor, who says, among other things, how he became a pro of the “Caesarean mouth” (those who have read the books understand), and why he felt gradually become the guinea pig of a strange experience – an experience that would not have denied David Cronenberg . The actor of 25 years is loose, multiply anecdotes and confidences. As if the change made ​​by Twilight 4 and the approaching end of the saga had released. Pattz Rob tells the most unlikely scenes of the film, the last day of shooting, and Kristen Stewart , also interviewed by Premiere, confirms the impression feeling of strangeness of this shoot denies: “I sometimes feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day . “

In this interview, Pattinson also breaks the image is too smooth that the films had been able to stick to the skin. It still causes riots wherever he goes (he says a recent mishap in Brazil could make a film in itself), but he distanced himself from the hysteria of the fans and seems not to want to stay trapped in a phenomenon that escapes. So when he mentions the shooting of Revelation , it does not spare the twihards which are likely to live as an affront taken the slightest liberty with novels by Stephenie Meyer . A freedom that Bill Condon , the final orders of this combo, however, has decided to grant itself when his predecessors had ever dared. And “too bad” for the fans, Coward Robert. They will be obliged to follow. Although the film looks so crazy that he sometimes asked people to the team “You’re sure we’re spinning Twilight? It’s not supposed to be harmless and all age groups? "


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