Thursday, October 13, 2011


I actually like the way Breaking Dawn is written by being part Bella and part Jacob.  It is good to see it from a different perspective, other than Bella's.  Does this mean that there will be more Taylor Lautner in the film?  I hope there is more information about imprinting here.  Paul to Jacob's sister Rachel; Jared to Kim; Quil to baby Claire.  The only one they really talked about was Sam to Emily.  I want to see the others highlighted as well. 

Jacob, at this point, is angry...angry at himself, angry at the Cullens, angry at Bella for making such a stupid choice (in his mind), and even angry at his own pack.  Sam wants to wait to see if the story about Bella being sick is the truth.  Jacob thinks he knows better.  He just knew one of two outcomes were going to happen from the honeymoon,  either Bella would be dead because Edward was careless or she would be a vampire already.  When the story surfaces about Bella being back in town but sick, Jacob immediately jumped to the second conclusion.  Angry Jacob instinctively wants to attack.  Bella made her choice.  She chose to do this, knowing it would void the treaty.  If it weren't for Carlisle answering the door to Angry Jacob, then Jacob may have phased and attacked the whole Cullen coven alone.  Edward is the burning man.  I feel so sorry for him now.  When Edward asks to speak to Jacob privately, after he sees Bella is still alive and human, everyone, including Bella, were afraid that one or both of them would not return.  The next part is something that I just do not get...Edward asking Jacob to offer to give her a child, Jacob's child.  I know burning man Edward is grasping at straws to find any way to keep Bella alive, whether it's with him or without, but I just do not understand this conversation.  The deal is:  offer Bella Jacob's baby making ability and if she dies before then, Edward will let Jacob kill him.  WOW!  Luckily, Jacob is a man who knows Bella well and he didn't really have to ask her to be part of the deal before she caught on and understood the underlying moral of the deal, which is Edward loves her more than she knows!  All the while, the tension between Rosalie and Jacob is wonderful.  I love the little jabs that each of them throw.  Blonde jokes, dog comments, I definately hope this is not lost on film.  When Jacob leaves the Cullen house, he phases and the rest of the pack immediately sees all that he saw and heard.  Panic ensues.  The once calm Sam, who wanted to wait until the Cullens broke the treaty to attack, is now hell bent on protecting their tribe by destroying the "monster" baby and whoever gets in the way of that as well.  Jacob of course is horrified because they all know that means Bella and probably a few of the Cullens become collateral damage.  I like how they match up the wolves versus the vampires.  Jacob, being strongest, with Quil and Embry will take on the vampire strongest:  Jasper and Emmett.  Paul, Jared, and Sam will go up against Bella's main protectors:  Edward and Rosalie.  Brady, Collin, Seth, and Leah will take on the rest of the Cullens:  Carlisle, Alice, and Esme.  I like the command that the Alpha has over the pack, an unwritten authority that makes the other wolves bow at his every command.  Before this, Sam wasn't the type to make orders.  When he makes his orders to Jacob, that's too much.  Making him, not even letting him choose to, but ordering him to kill the woman that he loves and her new family, whom he doesn't hate as much as he thinks he does.  Once Jacob gets himself together, he breaks free of the bonds of the Alpha and tells Sam he won't do it.  He will not fight the Cullens when he knows in his heart that it's wrong.  Then, little Seth Clearwater, runs after Jacob.  He knows that Jacob was right and he chose to follow the true Alpha...CHIEF JACOB! 

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