Thursday, October 20, 2011


Jacob and Seth guard the Cullen land as wolves when suddenly, Leah joins as well, shocking both of them. The tension between Leah and Jacob led me to believe that there may be something there, but after reading more, of course I know that Jacob's heart belongs to one person. I do understand the reasoning behind Leah wanting to be free of watching and hearing every thought that Sam has for Emily and seeing it through other eyes. More information I hope will not be left out is the information about the chromosomal pairs. Humans have 23. Vampires have 25. Wolves have 24 (which makes sense because they are half human/half supernatural). Watching Bella drink, and enjoy, blood makes Jacob sick, but he stomaches it because it obviously makes Bella (and the baby) stronger. Eggs and blood...what a diet Bella has!
Jacob, exhausted as he is, leaves Bella because she is looking better every minute due to the newfound nutrition she and the baby are getting.  Once he phases, he sees that there are wolves from Sam's pack coming toward them.  The three from Jake's pack brace themselves for a fight, when they figure out they are coming slowly and are just trying to talk.  After talking to Jared in man form, they made some sort of treaty at least not to attack each other in the middle of the night.

I love to see the comfort Seth has with being around the vampires.  He reacts way differently to them than the rest of the wolves, or even humans for that matter.  He comes and goes from the Cullen house with ease, using their clothes and even eating their food.  It's amazing the generosity that the Cullens show towards the wolves.  They feel that they owe them, so I guess offering some food, clothes, and a place to sleep seems minimal. 

Now the Cullens need to hunt and get a fresh supply of blood for Bella and although it makes Jacob sick at the thought, he is willing to patrol the woods to make sure it is safe for them.  The countdown begins....4 days.  Bella has 4 days to live, either permanantly or just as a human.  Jacob's days are numbered with her.  He feels it.  (Come on Taylor...pull this one off!  I have to say that in previous scenes, I have doubted his acting a bit)  Next, Edward discovers he can hear the baby's thoughts.  It loves Bella.  Jacob is distraught because Edward was supposed to be on his side and now he has crossed over to the dark side.  He loves the baby as Bella does now.  TOO MUCH....Jacob can't take anymore.  Jacob bolts from the house, leaving in a beautiful car.  He goes, searching, for something, someone.  He is tired of hurting.  After an afternoon of nothing, finding no one, Jacob returns to find that Leah lit into Bella about hurting Jacob.  That is when I started thinking there was more to the Leah/Jacob connection than just being wolves.  Edward also asks Jacob a favor...a truce.  Now that he can understand the baby and hear its thoughts, he believes Bella has a chance of survival.  He asks Jacob, as the true Alpha, to understand if they have to change her to save her.  Jacob is torn.  He finally gives in to  save her because he loves her.  Bella drops her cup of blood and bends over to get it, uh oh!  It's baby time!  I can only imagine what's going to go on in this scene in the movie.  I cannot wait.  All of the anticipation of the first part of the book led up to this....will Bella survive?  Will the baby survive?  What will the baby be?

My thoughts about this....I just want the movie to depict the details that would make the viewer (that has never read the book) just as informed and interested in what's happening as someone who has read the book a thousand times.  This is where Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows fell short for me because I did read that book as well.  There were soooo many parts of the book that were completely left out.  To the nonreader, I guess the movie was not a letdown but for me, it was a total flop.  It left out so many key points that made the book great.  Same thing here.  That is my biggest fear.  I want these details that I described above to be in the movie.  Now I know that they cannot all be in there, but at least some of the little details should be included.  People do not really understand how important an actual book is.  Movies are great, but books give way more detail and information that movies cannot capture.  If you haven't read these books already, PLEASE PLEASE read them.  You will understand the movie and feel a deeper connection to each of the characters if you do.

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