Thursday, October 20, 2011

RingCon with 'Breaking Dawn' Vampires and Wolf Pack

Bronson Pelletier (Jared/Wolf Pack), Alex Meraz (Paul/Wolf Pack), Bill Tangradi (Randall/Vampire nomad), Guri Weinberg (Stefan/Romanian Coven) and Patrick Brennan (Liam/Irish Coven) were at Ring Con in Bonn, Germany October 14th-16th.

SyFy was there for their interview with fans (Google translation)

"Right at the beginning of entertaining panels emphasize the three performers, that their roles in “Twilight” are probably the best thing that could happen to them, especially since none of them was previously familiar with the novels.

“Breaking what?” it slipped out Guri, as his manager – even big “Twilight” fan – told him about the role. The course has changed and now are also the families and friends of the performers big fans of the film series.

It is the vampire mime on the set not too difficult to slip into their roles. Lenses, makeup, clothes, and already are the three so when the matter is that they already feel sorry when they realize after the shooting, but no real vampires to be. But it need not always be bloodsuckers, the question of what role he would like to play again, Guri does not respond in all seriousness: “The role of Bella”.

But in addition to travel to various countries has with “Twilight” last much longer. “It’s a great thing,” says Bill. “Contribute to such a production, open doors easily, you will meet many different people and get more interesting offers than before.”

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