Friday, October 14, 2011

ET Goes Behind the Scenes of Breaking Dawn Part 1

Can't wait for November? This should tide you over for a bit...ET went behind the scenes of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and spoke with the most talked about movie trio. Kristen, Rob, and Taylor talk about filming and what is in store for these characters we have grown to love.

Taylor says that Jacob matures from beginning to end of this film. I am very interested in seeing this transformation from Taylor and it will be nice not to hate Jacob so much. I do have to admit I am liking the behind the scene moment where Rob and Taylor are filming the scene where Edward obviously throws Jacob across the room. Muy caliente!

I've said it a 100 times but I am so impressed with how drained and sick looking Kristen looks as pregnant Bella! AH-MAZING! This movie looks too good...I already have my 2nd trip planned to see it lol.

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