Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"My Boyfriend is English"

Say what?! Could this be the sound of Kristen Stewart FINALLY confirming her relationship with Robert Pattinson? Well not really the way we want her to, but its probably as good as we are going to get.

Kristen sat down with GQ UK for what is proving to be one of my favorite interviews EVER! She is probably the most forthright I have ever heard her be. She sounds so confident and sure of who she is. She gives us the low down on how much Twilight has changed her and how it is a closing of a chapter for her. She also gives some details about her upcoming film On the Road and how amazing that was for her.

Kristen gets chatty about the press and how she refuses to play the games they want her too. She says that her relationship is hers and she wants to always keep it that way. She even makes the comment that when she has a kid...she has no intentions of ever sharing the name.

You have to love a girl that has grew up in the industry and hasn't let it take her over. She says herself...she doesn't care for being famous, she just wants to act. This is an amazing interview and you can check it out HERE.

*Just a little side note..."My Boyfriend is English" has been a World Wide Trend on Twitter all night last night and today too! Too funny!*

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  1. My BF is English, Kristen is so so lovely and cute!
    I loved this one