Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Photos Of Kristen's Pinup Shoot With GQ UK

Kristen has traded in her Chucks and skinny's for a seriously sexy brand new look. In her shoot with GQ UK, Kristen glams it up in a bikini and a Hollywood starlet style.

Kristen has spent the last four years portraying the meek and quiet Bella but now Bella becomes a woman and its time for Kristen to shed that little girl skin. Over the years the photo shoots have become more sexy and giving Kristen the chance to show her more girly side.

Breaking Dawn promo is starting and it seems to only get better! But what about Rob?! I'm ready to see his beautiful face next to hers on a cover! We're begging and praying to the promo gods!

{via Strictly Robsten}

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