Monday, October 3, 2011

'Twilight' Did You Knows?

This weeks "Twilight Did You Knows" is all about where our fave books are set: Forks, Washington and La Push!

Did you know....

1. Twilight was originally titled Forks after the real-world town most of the story is set in.

2. More than 100 Twilight fans each day make trips to the real small town of Forks, Washington!

3. A restaurant called Sully's Drive-in in Forks, Washington offers a Bella Burger on its menu, and the burger comes with a special side item: A pair of fake plastic vampire teeth!

4. There is a Quileute festival in La Push that celebrates the Quileute culture with events that recognize both the traditional and modern facets of the tribe.

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  1. This is cool to know keep them coming.