Thursday, November 17, 2011


Finally! Tonight is the night! Right now we have enjoyed a great dinner with drinks and now we are anxiously awaiting 10pm to go stand in line for Breaking Dawn. Sadly I did not get to spend as much time planning tonight's events but all the same like any party....its all about the cake!

And boy do we have a good one! What better way to celebrate the Breaking Dawn premiere than with a cake shaped like a bed with a broken headboard! And what other flavor would be fitting except blood red velvet cake.

I will be adding to this post once we get inside of theater so you guys can see the madness of Twi-fans in NC. For all of you who are already out there waiting in line or getting ready to head out...have fun and take lots of pics so we can see!

Keep posted on the night's events!

Hi Twihards! I'm posting live from The Grand movie theater in Winston Salem, NC awaiting Robert Pattinson's sexy face to make an appearance on this big screen! So far its kind of mellow but soon the crowd will start pouring in. People of all ages, men and women have come out to see the next to last installment of the Twilight Saga.

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