Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weekly 'Breaking Dawn' Section on TB.Net!

Starting this week, our writers will begin hosting their very own Breaking Dawn sections! These will be bonus weekly sections about their chosen topic that in someway relates to Breaking Dawn. We hope that you are getting just as excited as we are about the new upcoming Breaking Dawn Movie! See below for the schedule and captains of the sections the girls will be doing, as well as see the updated lists of their posts to-date!

Sing-Along with Breaking Dawn!
Postings: Monday and/or Friday
Twi-hards rejoice! We're taking it back to the Breaking Dawn pages for a musical extravaganza. Have you read a chapter in Breaking Dawn and thought, "Hey! This song would fit perfectly...?" Or, have you always thought a particular character had their own theme song? Heck, have you thought about Breaking Dawn as a Musical? Join us as we construct Twilight Blog's Breaking Dawn Soundtrack! Right in time before Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theatres!

Postings: Sundays and/or Thursdays
The time has almost arrived for the beginning of the end for all of us Twilight Saga fan-iacs....the movie Breaking Dawn part 1 (in theaters November 18)! As we are preparing ourselves for the most anticipated movie so far by rereading the book, we are all wondering which parts of the 754 page book will make it to or be left out of the big screen. During this series of posts, join us as we go through the transition from book to movie, detailing points from the book that should or should not be included in the movie. And as always, fan feedback is always welcome!
- Melissa
Jacob Part 1

Twilight Did You Knows
Postings: Mondays
As much as we all think we know everything about anything Twilight, there are so many unknown facts we all should know in preparation for the premiere in a couple months. For the next few weeks, check back here to find out some little known facts about EVERYTHING Twilight & Breaking Dawn!

Breaking Dawn Premiere Party Tips
November 18th is slowing creeping up on us and we will give you all the great tips to make sure you can celebrate this big night in style! Happy Planning!
Postings: Every other Saturday


  1. Very exciting stuff! Look forward to all the Breaking Dawn goodness! Thank you all!

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  10. Breaking Dawn will invade cinemas worldwide on November 18, 2011.

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