Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rob On Letterman: Rob Waits In The Economy Line

My DVR runner over...

Rob appeared on Letterman last night to promote Breaking Dawn with screaming fans waiting for him outside. He seemed cool and calm but I must admit he looked a little tired. I guess with all of the press the last few days, he is exhausted.

He talks about the end of the series and of course what AWESOME fans the Twi-fans are. Rob says he is ready for the fans to go crazy and that an invite Rob? He also makes the comment that the older fans (like myself) are WAY more passionate than the teens. That's just because as adults...we know how to read between the lines HA HA!

Its only 8 days left! Are you guys getting soooooooo excited?!


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  2. It's true, we need to subscribe to counseling. lol