Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taylor Lautner on Live with Regis and Kelly

This morning, Team Jacob fans were swarming in New York to see Taylor Lautner during his interview with Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa.  Good news to you all, he looked hot.  As a Team Edward fan myself, I am more looking forward to the interview tomorrow with Robert Pattinson, but until then, here is what we get.  Taylor was greeted with crying, screaming girls and women.  As the youngest of the Twilight trio, Taylor began filming the series at the age of 16.  Now, 3 years later, he was asked if he was able to enjoy the "normal" experiences of being a teenager and going to school and such and he answers "Yes."  He got to finish highschool normally while being taken on the ride of his life with Twilight.  And as many of you know, Taylor had previously done the children series of Shark Boy and Lava Girl.  I feel old looking at young Taylor at that point in his life, watching him grow through the Twilight series and now here we are as he is saying goodbye to his teen years, hopefully moving on to more films and things as he continues in the entertainment industry. 

There have been many many comments about Taylor's notorious abs and who better to bring it up than Regis himself!  Taylor was genuinely shocked at this request by Regis to see his abs.  Taylor confesses to working out alot, but not everyday.  He also admits that his abs look a little more "slacked off" than when filming.  It appeared, to Kelly at least, that Regis was putting the moves on the werewolf that we love, saying things like "Let me see your abs" and "I see you got a little t-shirt on under there."  Taylor says that the fans have to go watch the movie to see a "sneak peek" of the abs that make the girls drool.  Much to Regis' disappointment, he says "come on Taylor, give me a break.  I want to see abs again."  Kelly then tries to get Regis to show his abs that he claims he used to have. 

Taylor then goes on to tell how overwhelming and spectacular the hand and footprint ceremony last week was.  This series, as well as Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and himself, has made history.  That is something not every actor/actress can say.  During each commercial break, I have to commend Taylor on greeting his fans and taking pictures.  That is why this franchise is doing so well, the dedication and kindness of the actors to their fans.  They played a scene from Breaking Dawn that shows Jacob warning the Cullens about the oncoming attack by Sam and the rest of the pack.  Exciting more week people!!!

Finally at the end of the interview, Regis finds a copy of the New Moon illustrated movie guide and shows a picture of Taylor's abs for the fans!  Good job Regis...way to not let it go!!

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