Thursday, December 29, 2011

Could There Be A Robsten Union For New Year's?

No one likes ringing in the New Year alone...especially Robsten! After a hectic few months of Breaking Dawn promo and filming Snow White, these two super stars finally took some time to rest and celebrate the holidays.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spent Christmas with their respective families. Rob was in London with his loved ones and was even spotted and snapped hanging out a local pub on Christmas Eve, while Kristen was in LA guitar shopping with her father at Norman's Rare Guitars. Mmmm wonder who she was buying a gift for?

Despite break up rumors (can't really break up when you have never confirmed a relationship) the two on and off screen love birds have spent the past two Christmas holidays apart, but somehow managed to ninja their way into spending a private New Year's together.

The spot of choice for New Year's fun has traditionally been Isle of Wight in England. Its a quaint and quiet location for the super low key stars. But this year they seem to be doing something a little different. Rob was just seen yesterday in LAX after arriving from London. It appears that these two will be welcoming 2012 on Kristen's turf.

There have been reports that these two have already made arrangements to spend New Year's at the swanky Pailhouse Holloway in Hollywood. It is also said that it will be a small intimate gathering of the two with a few friends. Of course being apart of this fandom, we all know to take everything said about these two with a grain of salt.

But no fear, the nonnies will be once again inserting their feet into their mouths when they realize that Rob made a trip back to LA to keep the New Year's tradition alive for him and Kristen. Here's to hoping they have a wonderful New Year's holiday and hopefully a wonderful one for us with some pics of the lovely, super private couple.

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