Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pre-Order 'Breaking Dawn' DVD At Walmart!

And let the shopping begin! In true Twilight tradition, the plethora of Breaking Dawn DVD choices has began to be released. I recently posted the lovely limited edition from Target and now Walmart has released a cover that is bound to get attention!

The Blu-ray/DVD cover at Walmart is covered in fabric mimicking the design of Bella's wedding dress. Very clever and absolutely gorgeous. The most horrible part about these DVDs....no commentary from Rob and Kristen. Boo! They are always so much fun doing commentaries. Oh well...however there does seem to be a 6 part Making Of and of course the traditionally Edward Fast Forward and Jacob Fast Forward.

Another cool feature of the Walmart DVD is the fabric dress poster that comes along with it. So far I am not really sure which I will buy...maybe both, who knows! We will keep you posted on more versions. Pre-order for the Walmart DVD is available now. Click HERE to pre-order yours today!

{via Walmart}


  1. Not this Walmart version but you can also pre order Breaking Dawn in the UK. All the usually places have it for pre order (Amazon, tesco, Adsa, HMV etc). As usual there are 2 versions to pre order a 2 disco version and a 2 disc version.

  2. Sorry forgot to add they all say UK DVD release date as 12th march 2012

  3. I can't wait and I hope that there will be deleted scenes.

  4. in indonesia , impposible to release blu-ray.(╥ ﹏╥) i just hope to buy in singapore or HK .

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