Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rob Confirmed For the PCA's

Let's face it...The Twilight Saga will never be in line for an Oscar or any prestigious award like that, but when it comes to the vote of the fans, they rule the school! The 2012 People's Choice Awards will be airing tomorrow night and our favorite vampire is slated to attend.

Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene have both been confirmed to attend the PCA's. There have been rumors circulating this morning that Kristen Stewart will also attend but there has been no actual confirmation of this. Oh how Robsten shippers all over the world would rejoice if these two were to show up together.

The Twilight Saga is not up for any awards but Rob is up for favorite Actor and hopefully Kristen will be there to support her off-screen beau. Taylor is also up for favorite Action Movie Star. With all of those teenage votes...he is bound to win :) Good luck to both of them!

The 2012 People's Choice will be airing tomorrow night at 9pm Eastern. Tune in at 7:30 on Peopleschoice.com to watch a red-carpet preview!


  1. HARRY POTTER IS WAY BETTER THAN twilight... u suck i left at the first 5 minutes of the movie

  2. ewwww harry potter sucks!!!!

  3. I love Harry Potter so very much but I love some Edward too