Monday, February 13, 2012

Book Review- 'The History Keepers'

A few months ago we were approached here at to review a new book that was soon being released. Unfortunately, it took longer to pick up the book than expected, but here we are finally, letting you in a treat that your reading taste buds will want a bite out of.

 Fashioned after Stephenie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga with a history twist minus the supernatural beings of legend, Damian Dibben’s The History Keepers: The Storm Begins is a read you will not want to miss. Written at an average reading level does not take away from the power of the story that Dibben’s unfolds in its 456 pages. Full of intrigue, sci-fi, history, romance, humor, loveable characters, and a genuine unique storyline, do not pass this one by.

 With a dual setting of both modern today and ancient yesterday, Dibben creates a world constantly being remade—by the history keepers. History is not the stagnant, set in stone of past we associate with today, instead, a select few must fight to keep history safe from those that wish to rewrite the past and create a new, and more evil tomorrow.

 The History Keepers follows the Djones family who live in England, in what Jake believes is an average existence--until he is kidnapped, and enlightened about his parent’s unique ability to travel through time, and their real jobs as keepers of history. Forced into a new understanding of the world around him, Jake begins his new life timid, but gradually falls into what his parents and their friends knew would ultimately be his destiny as a history keeper. For the sake of not giving away the store, enough is to suffice that swords are drawn, people lost, people, saved, villains uncovered, and destiny’s found—with a cliffhanger to boot.

 Dibben, Damian. The History Keepers: The Storm Begins. London: Doubleday, 2011. ISBN: 9780857530530

There is even a History Keepers game!: Click Here

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