Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Friendly Reminder...As If You Needed One

Happy midnight blogging! I just realized tomorrow night is the big Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD release and I haven't reminded all of you lovely Twi-Hards to head out to your local Walmart or Target and get your copies! Midnight parties all around!

Hit up your local spot at midnight and definitely send us pics of the madness that is the Twilight fandom! We love to hear from our readers and we will post it for you. How exciting is it that we can rewind the honeymoon and wedding scene over and over and over and....well you get my point. So with that being said, happy shopping and trying to figure out which copy you are going to buy.

Don't forget...share, share, share! If your having a midnight DVD release party, hit us up with some pics of you and your fellow Twi loves or maybe send us pics of you standing in some ridiculous line wishing you could hurry and get home so you can watch Edward save Bella's life one more time! Shoot us an email to! Happy Friday!


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