Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gotta LOVE Directv for this...

Ok Twihards...the time has almost come for the DVD release of Breaking Dawn pt. 1 in stores nationwide.  For months, we have been looking forward and counting down the date until we can quench our Edward thirst but wait no more!  Stores will be releasing the DVD on February 11th, just as the commercials and ads have been promising.  If you did not preorder, there is much debate on where to buy, Walmart or Target are the top favored, and if to go to the midnight release at Walmart with festivities and cameo with Rosalie, etc.  Well for those of you that choose to forgo the outing and want to enjoy the movie at home sans the crowd......DIRECTV is the place for you!  Directv is offering a special midnight premiere.  Good news to people in the central timezone (such as myself), the premiere begins at 12am Eastern time! There is a countdown to the showing! Go to for more details.

So if you want to enjoy the movie at home at midnight, then wake up the next morning to go buy the DVD in a store of your choice, then as I said, DIRECTV is the place for you!  And don't forget to have the Illustrated Movie Companion to add to the experience.  Enjoy!

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