Friday, March 2, 2012

Kristen Shines In Paris For Fashion Week

Oh my how I have missed you guys. My real life found a way to creep in and keep me from blogging but I am back and I am ready to tell you how AB-SO-LUTELY freaking gorgeous Kristen was in Paris for the Balenciaga show.

I have said it once and I have no problem saying it again...ladies and gentlemen, Kristen Stewart has arrived. Not only is she the new spokes person for Balenciaga fragrance, but she gets a front row seat at their show. Kristen has come such a long way from the girl we first saw in Panic Room. She is a beautiful woman.

She smoked up the scene in a pair of super hot leather leggings with matching leather shoes and and an adorable feminine print top. Who better than Kristen to turn a girly top into an outfit made for a rock star?!

Kristen also said that she has five days off and she plans to hang out with some of the guys from On The Road, on of her upcoming films. She is in for a busy busy 2012. She has three films releasing this year....and one of them includingBREAKING DAWN PART 2! Cannot wait to see her as a vampire!

{via Popsugar}

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