Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rob & Kris Say Au revoir To Paris

After an amazing week in Paris, Robsten say good-bye as they headed to the airport this morning. With Robsten team in tow, Rob and Kristen made their way through the flashing cameras and annoying papz as they walked through Roissy Airport.

These two have gotten to enjoy some nice down time together in Europe and now its back to the grind. I really hope once they get back to LA they can take some chill time too.

And please spare me the "...Kristen never smiles" bit. Exactly how much would you like a camera shoved in your face every time you walked out of a door? Yeah not to much...unless you're a Kardashian


  1. Agreed a camera in the face all the time has to be sooooo tiresome...and who the hell would want to smile like that!

  2. That's what Im saying! Kristen and Rob are nothing but real people and refuse to conform to the "celebrity" rules