Friday, September 7, 2012

Kristen Stewart Re-Emerges in the Spotlight

Talk about a drought of epic proportions! Due to the recent mmmm....well I refuse to call it a scandal anymore, so due to the recent invasion of Robsten's personal life, Kristen Stewart has been sure to keep out of the very watchful public eye. Naturally, when there was word she would be walking the red carpet at TIFF, fans nearly blew a gasket and boy does this girl know how to make a comeback!

Kristen's recent film, On the Road, was set to premiere at TIFF and she braved the media by attending the red carpet event. She turned up the heat on the carpet by dressing to impress in her gorgeous floral, sequined Zuhair Murad dress and cute black heels. Of course in true Kristen fashion, those heels didn't make it very long and at one point she was walking the red carpet barefoot! I love her!

Kristen seemed confident and surprisingly happy. She also gave Robsteners world wide something that they have been wanting for weeks now....hope. She was sporting the ring from Rob, as well as the necklace he gave her. This was a subtle touch of Rob compared to her airport attire. She was wrapped in everything Rob, including his t-shirt. 

So what does this mean? Who knows...furthermore who really cares! Our girl is happy and healthy, despite what conflicting tabloid reports have claimed. Considering the amount of scrutiny the actress has been under, it surprising she even showed her face at all. Kudos to her for her bravery and dedication to all of her fans because after all, we all know why she showed up anyway. Especially considering she was said to have signed autographs and take pics for fans for over an hour! 

On the Road has gained amazing reviews and even more so, great reviews for Kristen specifically. She has been said to really have submerced herself into this world and truly become Mary Lou. Can this movie please hurry and come out! Geez! I know I didn't read that big ol' book for nothing!

So enjoy the beauty that is our Kristen and remember, no matter whether you like her or not....try to give her and Rob some respect. They're famous yes, but they are people first.

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  1. Great post!! Thank you for the news and the pics!! Gorgeous dress and she looks fabulous! :) :)