Thursday, September 6, 2012


Well I am going to save you the babble and let you get to watching the glorious 90 second trailer of the last installment of the Twilight series. Dear Lord let November hurry! Enjoy!


  1. It looks so awesome I can't wait to see it Bella looks so good and strong as a vampire and Renesmee looks awesome Mackenzie Foy is awesome as Renesmee. The 'real' battle scene at the end looks real intense and (spoiler alert) I do hope it leads to Alice and Jasper returning with Huilen and Nahuel. Also I do hope that Kristen and Robert will eventually settle their differences enough to go together to the premiere otherwise it would just stink if either of them weren't there. After all they made the movie together so they should see it through much like a divorced couple coming together for their child or children. Can't wait for the movie.

  2. Oh sweety...did you see her last night? Or the day before in the airport? Completely decked out in all Rob (shirt, necklace, bracelet and ring!)They're ok :)