Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New BD Part 2 Trailer Friday!

Summit is notorious for giving us just enough to leave us foaming at the mouth. If it ain't broke, don't fix it is their motto because they are at it once again. Sadly this will be the last installment and days of waiting anxiously by the computer to get a glimpse of the next movie to come, will be over.

The official Twilight Facebook page released a sneak peek of the full trailer of BD Part 2 that will be released at the MTV VMA's on Thursday (and Yahoo! Movies on Friday). The cast is set to present the trailer at the awards. Originally Kristen Stewart was slated to attend, but the forecast is bleak due to the fact she was spotted in LAX today leaving for Toronto to attend TIFF.

Things in the Twilight fandom have been quite glum since the "incident" but we will all flock together once more filling up movie theaters world wide. We will all put aside our feelings for these actors and our concern for their personal lives, for one night to be the crazy and most outlandish fans that we are. The fans who have been crowned "most intense" by far. I like to call it passionate.

If you want to check out the MTV VMA's for the trailer it will air tomorrow night at 8pm eastern. Otherwise, stay tuned because Yahoo! Movies. Check out their Twitter HERE for the announcement. And as always...Love. Peace. Twilight.

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