Monday, January 7, 2013

DVD - Extended Version of BD Part 1 Coming!

Last night The Official Twilight Saga Facebook page posted they would be announcing MAJOR NEWS today. Judging by tweets and Facebook posts, fans were hoping for another movie (ahem...Midnight Sun)or another book, but much to their dismay  they announced that there would be an extended version of Breaking Dawn Part 1 released.

Ok Summit/Lionsgate....whoever you can't tease with the "Major News" post and then announce something like that. While I am sure everyone will love it, they will only love it after they get over the fact that you're releasing something they have already purchased once. So my advice to better hope the extended version includes all of those takes where Rob and Kristen had a hard time keeping with the PG-13 pace. Anything less...this fandom will own you.

So speak it Twi lovelies...what is your take on this "Major News?"

{via The Twilight Saga Facebook}


  1. I thought I had read somewhere that the were putting an extended Part 1 in with the Part 2 package. Since it is just 8 minutes added to the movies is it worth buying again.

  2. So this isn't like another full movie? It won't be in theaters, just added to the Breaking Dawn part 2 when it comes out?

  3. I think its just a money racket to be honest....Summit/Lionsgate trying to milk this fandom for all we're worth

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