Thursday, January 10, 2013

Twi-Hards Voted BEST FANS!

The Hunger Games may have ruled the night, but Twi-hards pulled through once again proving we are the most dedicated fans around by winning the Best Fans Award at the People's Choice Awards last night. Was there ever really any doubt?

I will admit I was a bit disappointed that we didn't win more but my theory is...we dominate every other fan voted award show, maybe its time to let someone else have the spotlight. Its only fair right? I liked The Hunger Games but there is absolutely no way on this planet that the on-screen chemistry was better than Rob and Kristen's. NO WAY!

Now we can look forward to MTV Awards which I have been hearing buzz that the famous couple may not be in attendance. Its still a while away so let's hope for the best. But again, congrats to all the Twi-crazies who have spent days camping out in line, buying movie tickets months in advance, and just being the greatest fans EVER!

{via HollywoodLife}


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